My Italian Spinoni


jaffa 1 Horace close up best apr 06 smaller

This is Jaffa also known as baby dog :-) Jaffa was born 19th January 2004.

(Orsacchiotto Ginger)


She has the most loving temperament, a real cuddley on your lap girl, her only fault is she loves to chew and her favourite things to chew are kitchen rolls.. she prefers Bounty...any soft toys and her bedding!



This is Horace, born on the 13th August 2004, (Remember Baz)



What can I say about Horace, other than the fact that everyone who meets him loves him and everyone he meets he loves too, also he can climb fences as I found out in 2006 when he decided he wanted to be good friends with Bess my labrador(see Bess and Horaces page to find out more)

Lulu best sept 07

This is Lulu, born on the 4th March 2007 (Aspenwood Topaz)


 Lulu is our 1st Spinone with a full tail, which I think looks lovely, she is a busy girl and can be quite noisy, she has lots to say about everything :-) her best friend and partner in crime is Betty, one of our Spinone cross labradors

Lulu  sept 07 Betty lulul garden sept 07 Lulu and Betty sept 07