My Springer Spaniels


This is Zoe( KC reg name Tinza Zara born 29th Feb 1996)Gemmas sister, they are so different, Zoe is a busy little girl, she was the smallest of her litter, and is mum to Beanz and Barley, Zoe only had one litter as she never really liked being a mum, she had to much else to do :-))

Zoe is Grandmother to Ben(springador) and Mini Beanz


This is Gemma(KC reg name Bombshell Zena born 29th Feb 1996)

Gemma and Zoe are sisters, we went to choose a springer and came home with 2, although they are sisters they are so different, Gemma has had 2 litters, we kept Angel from her 1st litter and later  Bonnie her sister came back to us!

Gemma is grandmother to Widget and Snarls.

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Jack, Gypsy and Candy!


Jack(KC reg name Rattlesden Rogue born 26th March 2000) Jack is the most wonderful boy, so laid back and the best wedding aniversary present ever!


Gypsy(KC reg name Toppers Tara born 22nd March 1999) Gypsy is mum of Rusty and Trip, Gypsy has had 3 litters of pups and is a grandmother too!


Candy(KC reg name Candy Rose Star born 14th February 2003) Candy has had 2 litters of pups, one with Glen and one with Rusty


Maisie(KC reg name Origo Miss Wunderful born 28th March 2003) is a rare show strain springer, as she has a FULL tail :-)))))


Maisie has had 2 litters of pups both times with Jack.


Maisie is grandmother to my Lily, who was born 22nd August 2007 bred by Pauline who has Molly,  one of Maisie and Jacks daughters.



I thought I would introduce my springers to you, starting with my old girls Gemma and Zoe, the start of my springer madness...I will eventually get round to them all.......