Recipe for Springers

Recipe for Springers


Once upon a time

In Mother Nature’s kitchen,

She was whipping up some batches,

Of puppies and little kittens.


She gathered all her recipes,

Ingredients and such,

And set about creating

With her very special touch.


Each recipe was different,

So she meted out with care,

Double checking all her measurements,

To be sure she did not err.


Labradors and Shepherds,

Pomeranians, Maltese;

Alley cats and Maine Coon Cats,

Persian and Siamese.


She worked all day and

Into night;

She cooked them to perfection.

She smiled with pride, took great delight,

In each delicate confection.


Soon the sun was rising,

Her kitchen was a mess;

Still she had to make the Springers;

Before she’d finally rest.


But as she started stirring,

She felt a little hazy;

And instead of just a dash,

She added half a cup of crazy!


She realized her mistake too late,

There was no going back;

She’d have to figure out a way

To get things back on track.


She grabbed “The Joy of Cooking”,

And started flipping through;

And there she found the answer,

Of what she had to do.


To balance out the crazy,

She added lots of smarts;

And being on the safe side;

She gave them all big hearts.


Warm eyes, smooth coats,

And goofy smiles galore;

She folded in a singing voice,

For all folks to adore.


A wiggle butt that never stops,

A tail that always wags;

“Only the best ingredients”;

She simply had to brag.


And from the highest cupboard,

A little this and that;

Agility, obedience,

The ability to track.


Exhausted but contented,

She popped them in the oven;

Then pulled out Springer Spaniels,

Full of sugar, spice and lovin’.


Now her job was almost done,

Just one thing for good measure;

She labelled each and every one,

“Mother Nature’s Little Treasure”.